General Terms and Conditions




Introductory provisions

General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “conditions”) Ala hotel s. r. o., K Ochozi 1405, 593 01 Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, IČ: 06426786, entered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Brno 7, Section C, Insert 102021, regulate the mutual contractual relationship between a hotel and a natural person (hereinafter referred to as the “client”), the object of which is the rental of a hotel room, the provision of accommodation services and/or the provision of other related services in the hotel premises.

The rights and obligations of the client are governed by the law of the Czech Republic and the hotel’s accommodation rules. The client accepts the accommodation rules of the hotel as a contractual condition of accommodation and is obliged to comply with its provisions.

The client is obliged to get acquainted with the hotel’s accommodation rules, his ignorance will not be taken into account. The hotel’s accommodation rules are published on the hotel’s website, as well as on the televisions in the hotel premises (in the reception area and in each room).

Accommodation regulations can be downloaded here: Accommodation code.pdf


Article I. — Subject of the contractual relationship

These Conditions regulate the rights and obligations of the contracting parties when renting hotel rooms for accommodation and when providing other hotel services according to the client’s individual requirements.


Article II. — Establishment of a contractual relationship

The contractual relationship between the client and the hotel arises from the confirmation of the stay order by the hotel. The hotel undertakes to provide the client with accommodation services and to ensure, within the agreed scope and quality, other agreed services (hereinafter referred to as the “stay”). The client is obliged to pay the hotel the set price.


Article III. — Order of stay, price and payment

3.1 Stay order

  • by phone: +420 777 980 340, +420 777 801 849
  • by e-mail:,
  • in writing: Ala hotel s. r. o., K Ochozi 1405, 593 01 Bystřice nad Pernštejnem
  • via the electronic form on the website:

3.2 The client is obliged to pay the agreed contractual prices of the hotel for the accommodation and other services used by him on the basis of the set price list of the hotel.

The prices of the services provided are listed in the currently valid price list, offering sheets or at

The services and prices listed are subject to change without notice.

Individual contract prices and conditions are set for larger corporate and private events.

Types of discounts and benefits

  • loyalty discount — is provided to clients who use accommodation and hotel services regularly and repeatedly, the discount is not fixed in % and is granted individually.
  • individual discount — is provided on the basis of the scope of ordered accommodation and services to clients, corporate clients, when occupying the entire hotel, etc. The discount is not fixed in % and is granted individually.

Terms of providing a discount

  • discounts cannot be combined
  • the discount is provided from the basic price of the stay and additional services
  • the discount cannot be applied additionally

3.3 The client pays for the services ordered and confirmed by the hotel either in the form of an advance payment and a balance due or by paying for the entire stay and related services at check-in in cash, by credit card or by invoice.

The client using the advance payment option is obliged to pay for the ordered services no later than 1 month before the start of the stay or adequately for the time of the stay booking and check-in. In this case, the date of payment is agreed between the both contracting parties.

The services are considered paid on the day the payment is credited to the hotel’s account.

The amount of the advances and the schedule of payments shall be determined, unless the parties agree otherwise, as follows:

  1. For stays where the contracting parties agree on the advance payment, the client is obliged to pay a deposit of 50% of the pre-determined price at the beginning of the contractual relationship. The balance due must be paid on site at check-in. In case of breaking this obligation, the hotel has the right to withdraw from the contract.
  2. For the issuance of a gift voucher, payment of 100% of its price is a condition. Purchased gift vouchers are non-refundable and valid for the period stated on them (max. 1 year). If the value of the gift voucher is not used up, the hotel will not pay the remaining amount in cash.


Payment methods

  • payment by transfer or deposit of cash in CZK to account number: 4968062359/0800 at Česká Spořitelna in the Czech Republic (IBAN: CZ14 0800 0000 0049 6806 2359, SWIFT: GIBACZPX)
  • payment by type A money order
  • payment in cash
  • payment by credit card: VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB
  • the client’s stay can be paid in full or in part by the employer, or another entity, in this case the client states this fact when submitting the order and the stay is invoiced to the customer on the basis of the order.
  • payment by benefit cards, from which an adequate amount for accommodation and hotel services will be deducted

In case the client shortens the agreed length of stay in the hotel, the hotel has the right to charge him the full amount of the agreed price for the entire length of the booked stay.


Article IV. — Basic rights and obligations of the customer

4.1 Client’s rights: a) the right to be properly provided with contractually agreed and paid services, b) the right to be acquainted with any changes in contractually agreed services, c) the right to withdraw from the contract at any time before the start of stay or use of individual services according to the article VI., d) the right to claim defects.

4.2 Obligations of the client: a) to provide the hotel with the cooperation that is necessary for the proper security and provision of services, especially to truthfully and completely state the required information in the order, incl. reporting any changes of these data, b) without undue delay inform the hotel of his opinion on any changes in the conditions and content of the agreed services, c) take over from the hotel the documents needed to use the services and arrive at the destination at the specified time, d) in case of withdrawal from the contract to pay cancellation fees according to the stated cancellation conditions.


Article V. — Basic obligations of the hotel

  1. a) provide the client with all information about the stay, b) ensure the client’s stay on the basis of a confirmed order and in accordance with generally binding legal regulations, c) to pay the difference between the already paid price of the stay and the relevant cancellation fees no later than 14 days after receiving the written withdrawal form in case of withdrawal from the contract by the client.


Article VI. — Withdrawal from the contract and cancellation conditions

The client has the right to cancel the stay at any time, i.e. withdraw from the contract. The contractual relationship is terminated and participation is canceled on the day when the written notice of cancellation (cancellation of stay) is notified to the hotel. In this case, the hotel has the right to charge severance pay in the form of cancellation fees agreed below. The severance pay is payable immediately. After deducting the severance pay from the total price of the stay, the client will receive back the rest of the amount paid. If the amount of severance pay (cancellation fees) is higher than the deposit paid, the client is obliged to pay an amount equal to the amount of severance pay (cancellation fees).

Cancellation fees

  • in case of cancellation of a stay of 4 days or less (or 3 nights and less) less than 3 days before the agreed day of the start of the stay, the client is obliged to pay a cancellation fee of 100% of the first night
  • in case of cancellation of a stay of 5 days or more (or 4 nights and more) less than 3 days before the agreed day of the start of the stay, the client is obliged to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the total agreed amount for the stay
  • for a larger group of clients, corporate clients, large-scale private events, cancellation conditions can be agreed in a separate contract.

In case of cancellation of one of the two persons in the confirmed order for accommodation in a double room, the client is obliged to pay the price of accommodation of the other person in a double room (see the currently valid hotel price list), according to the cancellation conditions above.

Article VII. – Dispute solving

In the event of a dispute between us and the consumer arising on the basis of a purchase contract or contract for the provision of services, which cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the consumer has the right to submit a proposal for an out-of-court settlement to an authorized entity, which is:

Czech Trade Inspection Central Inspectorate – ADR Department

Štěpánská Street 44

110 00 Prague 1



Article VIII. — Use of personal data

The hotel receives personal data from clients and website visitors, which are processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016. More information in a separate document: Information on personal data processing.pdf

Article IX. — Final Provisions

The General Terms and Conditions take effect on October 26, 2021 and cancel all previous valid conditions.

Contractual relationships established before the entry into force of these conditions remain valid and are governed by the conditions in force at the time of their creation.