Educational trail hiking to Pernštejn Castle

The educational paths are focused on Pernštejn Castle as the main centre and its links to the surrounding settlements with an emphasis on historical and natural attractions.

There are several options to reach the castle while having a pleasant walk surrounded by greenery. Experienced tourists can choose a four-kilometre-long circuit, whereas the less physically fit ones can take the shortest possible route, which copies the road. There is a possibility of picking up a brochure containing a map of educational trails at the Tourist Information Center No. 32 located right next to the church. The unique Gothic castle in an exceptionally well-preserved condition was the base of the lords of Pernštejn. Its original simple layout was complicated by later reconstructions. However, the late Gothic and early Renaissance appearance of the castle has not been affected by further rebuilding, which makes it a unique example of the transformation of the medieval fortress into a more luxurious Renaissance residence.

Ride your bike for fun

A bike trip around the buildings of J. B. Santini will take you in front of the Western town of Šiklův mlýn with a rich summer program suitable for everyone. Dolní Rožínka with the castle of the Mitrovský family and the forest park provides space for rest and relaxation. And fans of adrenaline fun will certainly enjoy a visit to the local haunted castle Draxmoor.

Entertainment area and Western town Šiklův mlýn

Šiklův mlýn is the largest natural entertainment area in the Czech Republic providing an all-day program in a western town, the opportunity to relax at the swimming pool, observe animals in the ZOO and many other experiences at the prepared attractions. Motorsport and military off-road area offers adrenaline sports experiences to all fans of motorcycles, off-road cars, combat vehicles and martial arts, such as paintball. Races of the Czech Republic Championship series and meetings of off-road enthusiasts are regularly held on and around the track. There is also a possibility of organizing your own events. Riding in BVP will stir the blood and strengthen morale of all military-lifestyle devotees. The activities offered by the complex also include military paintball, designed for fans of this modern, dynamic, fighting game.

Get to know the world-famous Vysočina Arena up close and take a refreshing dip in the natural swimming pool Koupaliště

An undemanding circuit will lead you from Nové Město na Moravě towards the Vysočina Arena sports complex. If, in addition to the pram, you also have older children with their own vehicle, there is a possibility of the pump track riding, which is very popular in this age group. The nearby natural swimming pool Koupaliště provides, besides swimming, the option of using the playground or buying snacks. The route leads mostly along asphalt roads, other parts are easily passable for carriages.

View from Nine Rocks

The highest peak of Žďárské vrchy offers an almost circular view of the upper Svratka valley and the vast forests of the main ridge. The ascent itself is undemanding, no climbing equipment is required and even children can handle it. Thanks to its easy accessibility, the viewpoint became a popular tourist destination. You can get to the rocks on several hiking trails from Křižánky, Herálec or from the parking lot Pod Lisovskou skálou less than 2 km away.

Castle in Žďár nad Sázavou

Žďár nad Sázavou is a place where living events of the past get connected with living nature. Extremely interesting history of the city has been written by Cistercian monks since the 13th century, by the genius architect Jan Blažej Santini Aichel or by the current owners of the castle, the Kinský family. Following a varied past, they build a lively, creative, and friendly environment. You can look forward to visiting the Museum of the New Generation, a guided tour “In the Footsteps of Santini” or the Baroque Gallery presenting baroque art from the collections of the National Gallery in Prague.

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